Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Saturday I did what many others also do every May long weekend, plant a garden.  I went plant shopping with my mom and daughters.
P.S. don't do that, leave the kids at home. At age 2 they must pick every flower they see in the greenhouse.
I bought tomatoes plants and green pepper plants, basil and pansies (to bribe my daughters to leave other flowers alone).  I bought lettuce seeds as well and a big pot to put herbs in.  This is all in preparation for my lovely produce for the summer.  I can't wait to eat toasted tomato sandwiches and salads with basil.  I love to do canning especially my salsa. My parents are planting potatoes, onions, squash and beets for us. My inlaws grow lots of cucumbers.  So my garden is in.  I learned a few things this year from my mom.  Pansies like cool shade.  Petunias and marigolds can take the heat. Geraniums are in between.  Last year my neighbour said if you pluck the dead heads off your marigolds and leave them inside over the winter (I used an open mason jar) you can plant them in the spring.  It worked and Ashley loves seeing the little green shoots that she planted come up.
I am looking forward to enjoying all the fruits of the season. I want to pass on a link to those of you who are new to gardening. This is a rough guide for those in Ontario for what is in season and when.  I encourage you to enjoy the fruits of the season as well. Feel free to raid your local farmers market or fruit/veggie stand and let someone else do the work.

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