Saturday, September 15, 2012


Today was another great cooking day.  I got up with 2 whiny girls.  I was frustrated that I would spend another 12 hours alone with my kids.  I wasn't feeling very creative.  I never thought I would ever get tired of 'playing' but you can only hide in the same spot for a 2 year old to find you for so long.   My day turned around when we ended up playing MY games and doing some things I enjoy.  It turns out Ashley is old enough to help Mommy do some of house jobs.  We decided to go pick apples in the morning and I thought I could peel, freeze and cook while the girls napped.  The 'U-pick' place was closed so I drove on to the next apple orchid and bought some apple seconds.  A HUGE bag for $15 of the apples that had scabs or had fallen off the tree.
I also got real apple juice.  Ashley has been suffering from a rash. My doctor thinks that it is food related.  we finally got rid of it but I am much more aware of the additives and preservatives in food.  I have been trying over the last week to feed her as close to original foods as possible.  That way if she does have a reaction again it will be easier to figure out which out which food it was.
So when we got home Ashley asked if she could peel the apples.  I got out the apple peeler and she went right to work.  What a treat to have my little girl do all the work (and a little snacking) while I measured and stirred and cooked up all my recipes.  We made 2 batches of applesauce, applesauce muffins, apple crisp for supper tonight. I froze chopped apples and canned 9 jars of apple pie filling.  Tomorrow I will tackle an apple pie and do some freezer apple pie filling.  I also want to make another batch of salsa but I need more jars! 
I just love cooking and canning.  It has been a beautiful, not too -  hot day.  Great day to cook with my kiddo's and do some things I enjoy.  The kitchen is a big mess but  I tired the girls out and filled their bellies.  Also Ashley is feeling very proud of herself.  I would say that was a great day!

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