Friday, May 10, 2013

balsamic baked chicken breasts

Tonight I am going out for dinner with girlfriends!!!  Thanks to my mom and my husband for covering for me with my girls.  Since this was planned at noon today I won't be BBQing for the family as I had planned.  Instead I wanted something my mom just has to pull out of the oven.  Also My husband can reheat when he gets home from work.  So I took some frozen chicken breasts and poured in 1/2 bottle of Kraft balsamic vinaigrette dressing  into the bag of 4 frozen chicken breasts. (complicated, so try to stay with me) I baked them on a cookie sheet for 45 minutes at 350.  Cooking time will vary depending on the size of chicken breast and if they are completely thawed.  I put a piece of aluminum foil on the cookie sheet to protect it.  I also put in 4 washed potatoes to bake.  It smells so good. I am making a salad now.  It will be enough for tomorrow night too when I BBQ the burgers I pulled out for tonight.  Genius! Minimal effort from Mom = healthy wholesome supper!

cookie sheet
aluminum foil
4 large chicken breasts
Kraft Balsamic Vinegrette
4 large potatoes
Bag of pre-made salad mix.

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