Monday, September 19, 2011

summer days 'fall'ing away

Yesterday was a beautiful day and  I don't think I used it to it's best potential.  If I hadn't had a neighbour visit I would have worked my day away.  There was a mental list of things I felt I had to do.  Unfortunately now that I am awake this morning I can see that all the work I ran hard to finish yesterday is back and needs to be done.  Dishes, floors, toys to pick up, meals to make, kids to dress and clean, clothes from yesterdays laundry to fold and put away, groceries to get.  Today is suppose to be another nice day.  I think I will take the kids to the park this morning with a fancy coffee and BBQ supper tonight so we can eat outside.  The days to enjoy the nice weather are coming to an end. We have already woken up to a frosty morning a few days ago.  Time does fly.

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